Metal and machinery industry for many years had a strong tradition and represented an important part of the economic potential of Podlasie and north-eastern Polish. Recent years have seen dynamic development of the industry, the emergence and development of new specializations and new enterprises.

Specialization of the cluster is based on:

  • manufacture of machinery and agriculture equipment, equipment for the food industry;
  • production for the medical sector, the manufacture of implants, instruments for orthopedics and traumatology;
  • manufacture of equipment for the yachting industry;
  • manufacture of machinery and equipment for construction
  • manufacture of metal furniture
  • manufacture of machinery and equipment, mechanical parts related to metalworking,

and a range of specialized services cooperative and subcontracting for these and related industries.

Products of cluster members are present in many world markets, have established and competitive position which is a confirmation of the high innovation and technological base and quality of services.

The product diversity of cluster companies, used technologies, experienced engineering staff enables implementation of specialized cooperative contracts and services in the metalworking.

We invite you to acquaint with cluster companies products and database of cooperative services.

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