Metal Processing Cluster

Metalworking Cluster (COM) began operations in 2006. the initiative of the Centre for the Promotion of Podlasie (now the Centre for the Promotion of Innovation and Development) and focuses currently around 90 companies, research and development and business environment of the north-eastern Polish (mainly from the Podlasie, Warmia-Mazury and Lublin), operating in the industry metal processing, both in terms of services, trade and manufacturing.

Among the cluster members are national and world leaders manufacture of machinery and equipment with innovative high growth potential. Companies focused on COM work closely with the Technical University of Bialystok in the development of projects, organization of seminars, technology, services and jobs in the field of metalworking and research, demonstration of new technologies. COM is cooperating with international partners, including from Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey and Italy. Intense is also working on raising the competence of human resources.